Western Frontier

Western Frontier

This is the game that brings us back to the times of cowboys and Indians. Interesting animation and great sounds depict this period magnificently during the game as well as the majority of symbols that “pay” the most, related to this historic period.

What is different and interesting compared to other slots, what is the advantage, what extends the game and provides an option of larger winning are the two types of free spins.

The game includes 15 pay lines that deliver points, distributed in 12 symbols.

The symbols are from that time (wagon, gun, Indian fire, Indian tent – wigwam) but letters and numbers also. 

However, the largest number of points is won from the Wild symbol – Joker (Black Horse) that can double the points won in combination with it, and Scatter (Golden Horseshoe) where is case of getting 3 Scatter symbols, irrelevant of the lines, the player gets 8 free spins (Image 1).

The most interesting and the most profitable part of the game is the Bonus Game, or, Free Spins.

First, the player receives 8 free spins in the part of the game called Indian Feature.

All winnings in this part are multiplied by 2 during the game.

Also, what is very important for the second part of free spins, the more important and profitable one, is the collection, or the number of wild symbols (Black Horses) during the Indian Feature.

Depending on the number of wild symbols, a number of free spins in the second part of the bonus game is received, namely:

  • 0-3 wild symbols generate 8 spins and winnings multiplied by 2
  • 4-7 wild symbols, 10 new spins and winnings multiplied by 3
  • 8-11 wild symbols, 12 new spins and winnings multiplied by 4
  • 12-15 wild symbols, 14 spins and winnings multiplied by 5
  • 16 or more wild symbols, 16 spins and all winnings multiplied by 6

The image shows the example of the Bonus Indian Feature with the number of 4 collected wild symbols (Black horses) in the upper left corner.

The image shows the second part of the Bonus Game, free spins called Cowboy Feature.

During the Bonus Game Indian Feature 4 wild symbols appeared, so the number of free spins in the Cowboy Feature according to the table is 10, and all winnings are multiplied by 3.

Finally, Gamble option, very interesting.

It takes us back to the time of old poker machines. Namely, the winnings can be doubled, just like with many others, by guessing the color (red or black), quadrupled by guessing the suit, but, what is most interesting, the winnings can be split in half, and then you can try your luck. For example, a player wins 100 points, he can split them in half, put 50 in the cash register and then risk with guessing the color or the suit.

The animation is great but the sound is the best feature of this slot. Due to unique and unusual two types of free spinning, method of gambling and a large number of winning streaks, and extending the game itself, we can say that the game is complete, almost flawless.