All online casino players are different, none are the same. However, what is common to all types of players is the desire for big, extraordinary winnings. And each player will always look at the same, as much as possible the maximum win on the desired slot game.

Meridian casino

Circus fever belongs to the category of online casino games in which there are no free spins, bonus rounds, or classic bonus games, but what sets it apart from all other games is the potentially high winnings and the chance to reach it, for all categories of players.

The point of the new Meridian game is clear, the ball thrown by the clown falls along with a series of obstacles to the bottom, where there are marked different fields that differently, based on the size of the field, value the winnings.

Meridian casino

Everyone will have a different focus, those who take less risk will opt for x2 or x3, which also take up the most space at the bottom of the screen. For players who want more risk and more profit, betting on x30 or x60 is ideal.

However, what makes the new Meridian game no doubt different and the maximum payout unlimited are two obstacles in the form of two multipliers x5 and x2. If the ball comes in contact with them, it brings some kind of bonus, starts again from the beginning, and multiplies each hit result with the value of the multiplier.

There is no limit, so a ball from multiple hit multipliers can reach the desired field and thus multiply the gain indefinitely!

In this way, Meridian Casino has given a chance not only to players who play at high limits, but also to players whose stakes are lower, to, with a little luck, reach a much higher outcome, and thus a profit.

The design is recognizably high quality when it comes to Meridian games and the functionality is simple because there is nothing easier than betting on the outcome of a falling ball, so the game is available to those who have never played a casino online.

The game doesn't bring the excitement of slot games, the anticipation of bonus rounds, or the spirit of adventure, but the functionality, great design, and addictive sound that Meridian Casino has taken care of keep the focus on it as much as it makes it unlimited.