We are already used to Meridian not stopping with surprises and offers that are not rejected. This time, good fun arrives on horseback. And not on one, but as many as six horses. So six times as much fun just galloped into town. This new type of entertainment is presented in the game CRAZY HORSES.

What wins on the first ball is an interesting topic - a horse race. The combination of good graphics, speed, and ease of play make this game special and elevate it to a special level.

The game is very simple, but that simplicity does not diminish the amount of fun it can provide to its players. Horse racing always brings with it a dose of excitement and unpredictability, and CRAZY HORSES awakens a special competitive spirit and euphoria in the players.

How to start this race and start a party?

Meridian prepared easy rules. There are 6 horses of different colors in 6 tracks. The player chooses the amount of an individual bet and bets on one or more horses. Each horse has its quota, written in its tape. Odds range from 2 to an incredible 70, which is the odds of an outsider. By clicking on the "gun", the race starts and we get the winner. There is also an automatic game option, as well as a duplicate role option.

A particularly interesting part of the game, which brings additional excitement and uncertainty, is the moment when the horses are constantly prestigious and make the competition interesting until the last second.

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In addition to guaranteed fun, great graphics, and enjoyment of the aesthetic moment, another important segment makes CRAZY HORSES special, and that is that this game also has a JACKPOT, which brings an additional motive for playing.

CRAZY HORSES - an unusual horse race, which brings galloping fun, only in Meridian.