Roulette – Game Rules

Roulette – Game Rules

Roulette is a game in which the dealer spins the ball that falls into the wheel pockets numbered from 0, which is green, to 36, which are alternately black and red.

The player can place the bet on each number individually, but on number sectors as well, odds/evens, red/black, low/high numbers.

  • When the time for betting is open, that is, when the countdown starts the player can:
  • Repeat the bet with Rebet
  • Go step back with the selected bet using Undo
  • Erase all bets with Clear

The player can record its bets by placing them and then clicking 'save layout' and set a certain position of the bet.

The "Autoplay" option serves as the repetition of the same bet for a certain number of times.

Basic information on the dealer, betting limits, statistics and history are located on the left and the right side of the screen.

  • The ball must spin in the direction opposite to the numbered wheel rotation
  • The ball must spin for at least 4 circles during the rotation
  • The ball must rotate
  • No foreign objects must be located within the wheel

Otherwise, the bet is void.