How can I get the money from my Online Account?

How can I get the money from my Online Account?

The rule is that pay-in and payout can only be done through the same method of payment. The way you can collect your winnings depends on the way you have paid in the deposit.

For example: if you have paid in the deposit in the bet shop you can collect it in the bet shop. If you have paid the deposit using M-PESA, you can request your pay out through M-PESA.

In case of withdrawal of the entire amount of deposit immediately after the payment, Meridianbet reserves the right to charge administrative costs in the amount of 10% of the deposit amount.

Customers who deposit money at any betting shop and then request payout via M-PESA without having fulfilled the conditions for winning and/or losing tickets will be charged a withdrawal fee.

Customers who deposit with M-PESA will be able to withdraw at any betshop free of charge.