Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are Agreement between Company, defined bellow, and accepted Aplicant. The date of this agreement shall enter into effect on the date in which the affiliate registration form is approved by the Company.

Terms Definition

  • Affiliate is a person or company that chooses to promote Company’s brand to their public in return for financial remuneration.
  • Applicant is a person or company that applying for status of Affiliate.
  • Restricted Territories are countries with specific gambling regulations which players Company refuse to accept.
  • Aqusition is process of obtaining New player to Companies site generated by Affiliate who use specially generated links only for him.
  • Commision is a percentage of Net revenue.
  • CPA means Cost per Acquisition under we consider one time payment to Affiliate for Acquisition of Player
  • Net Revenue means Gross Revenue reduced by Company's costs. That cost includes, but is not limited to taxes, maintenance fees, licensor fees and third party fees, financial transactions, and granted amount. The calculation of the net revenue is product specific, which is set out in every product specific Commission structure. Net revenue is calculated from the star till the end of one month.
  • New Player is completely new registered customer on any of Company’s site who rollover first deposit at minimal stake
  • First Deposit is really first money deposit of new verified customer on Company’s site. In order to the player be considered as new depositor, he needs a first deposit at least 5000 TSH.
  • Sub-Affiliate means any new affiliate who is acquired to the Company by the existing Affiliate. Sub-Affiliate joins Company and accepts Terms and Conditions as completely regular Affiliate.
  • Revenue Share is type Referral commission when company pays a percentage to Affiliate as a compensation for Acquisition of New Player.
  • Affiliate platform is software toll at web site: affiliate.meridianbet.co.tz
  • Companies website is site with web address: www.meridianbet.co.tz
  • Company mail address is info@meridianbet.co.tz
  • Working Day is every day from Monday to Friday excepting the public holidays.
  • Company: Under Company, it is understood Bit Tech Limited and/or any brands, associated companies and/or subsidiaries under which it may from time to time trade, including but not limited to Meridian, Meridian Sports Betting and/or Meridianbet; is an online betting company which is incorporated in Tanzania and comes under the licence of the Gaming Board of Tanzania. To assume responsibility for the marketing, advertising, and any promotional aspects of the online betting industry and is carried out under the brand of Meridianbet.com and including in this function the Company is operating the affiliate platform of Meridianbet.co.tz via the website https://partners.meridianbet.co.tz/


1. Our rights and obligations

1.1. Your Application

In order to become member of our affiliate program you have to accept these Agreement. Checking the box under the end of the document and clicking the field "Register" indicate that you read, understand and accept this Terms and Conditions. Every person or company that meets condition in this Agreement can apply status of the affiliate by filling registration form on affiliates Platform.


1.2. Registration of Affiliate

The Company reserves the right to refuse any applicant Affiliate and/or close any Affiliate's account if they deem it necessary to comply with the Company's Policy and/or protect the general interests of the Company. The Affiliate Membership Form submitted will be reviewed by the Companies manager who will be responsible for informing the Applicant in writing (email) if the Membership Form is accepted or not.

The Company reserves the right to decline any form of registration at all times. If there is a breach of this agreement by the affiliate or a breach of the Company's General Terms and Conditions or any other policies, rules, and guidelines of the Company. The Company reserves the right to take any steps at law to protect its interest besides from closing the Affiliate's account.


1.3. Registration and tracking of players

Company will register and then follow all of the affiliate players, their activities and transactions. For company to be able to connect players with affiliate account it's necessary that players register to our site from specially generated link for that specific affiliate or with Affiliates promo code. Using unique promo code assigned for affiliate is also a possibility. Company commits itself to follow all plays and bets of that player on site. Based on correlation with affiliate ID number, Company will enable every affiliate to have insight in reports that relate to their players.

The turnover generated by the links or promo code will be administrated the Company. The Company will record all net revenues including the total amount of commission. The Company will handle all customer support related to the business. The company may at any time close or refuse any player's account in the case that it is necessary to comply with company's Policy and/or protect the interest of Company.


1.4. Commission Payout

The company is obliged to pay all Commission defined in article 4.1 to the affiliate.


1.5. Appointment

By this Agreement, we tend to grant you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, right to direct Customers to any of our sites in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Agreement doesn't grant you associate privilege or privilege to help us within the provision of services arising from your referrals, and that we clearly shall contract with and acquire the help of others at any time to perform services of a similar or similar nature as yours. You shall not have any claim to Commission or different compensation on business secured by or through persons or entities apart from you.


1.6. Agreement Modification

The Company reserves the complete right to amend, delete, alter, or add to any of the provisions of this Agreement at any point and at its sole discretion, without having to give any advance notification to the Affiliate, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. Any such related changes will be posted at company’s website. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Agreement, it is the English language version that will prevail.


2. Your rights and obligations

2.1. Formal Requirement for Applicants

In order to get the status of the Affiliate, the Applicant hereby agrees that:

  1. He or She is of legal age to enter into the agreement in the applicable jurisdiction.
  2. He or She is authorised and competent to enter into a binding Agreement for the Affiliate and/or the Website.
  3. He or She is the owner of all rights, permits, and licenses to promote, market and advertise Companies site that comes in accordance with this Agreement.
  4. He or She will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in regards to the promotion of Company. 
  5. He or She fully accept and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


2.2. Promoting Companies Website

The Applicant hereby agrees to advertise and market Companies site to its best efforts and as widely as possible. The Applicant agrees to abide by the guidelines that may be forwarded from time to time by the Company. The Applicant will refer potential players to Companies site and market these at its own expenses.

The Applicant will also be solely responsible for content, distribution, and manners of its marketing activities. The complete marketing activities of the Applicant must be professional, and lawful under the applicable laws and negotiations that are in accordance with this Agreement.


2.3. The Minimum of Referrals

All affiliates must refer a the least 5 first depositors in the first three month period of joining the programme. Should an affiliate marketer not reach this requirement the affiliate account can be closed.

The affiliate must reach a minimum of 3 new sign ups in a 3 month period to qualify for remuneration or their account can be closed.


2.4. Spamming and Unethical Marketing

All visits that come from Affiliate side, must be only as a result of users clicking on a Company's affiliate hyperlink on Affiliates site. Affiliate will not use any unethical marketing practice that includes, without limitation, site or blog scraping in Company property, spam e-mails, search engine spamming, spamdexing, unsolicited mail in order to gain or refer new depositors, blog spamming or any other illegal, shady, black hat or unethical practices. Any affiliate identified as advertising any of our internet sites in an illegal or unethical manner will immediately be placed under review and any commissions due to him will be withheld, until further investigation can be completed. Based upon the results of such investigation, we reserve the right to disqualify such persons from any ongoing participation in affiliates and from receiving commissions due at such time.

Affiliate should not use commercial non targeted anchored text on any Company Affiliate links.

The Affiliate Agreement will immediately be terminated if there is any kind of spamming or if Affiliate advertise Company services in any other way. Affiliate is not allowed to make claims or representations, or give any warranties in connection with Company and Affiliate has no authority to obligate Company to any of it.

Affiliate hyperlinks should always have attribute rel="nofollow" unless Company requires otherwise.


2.5. Domain Registration

The Affiliate is not allowed to buy, register or even apply for register an domain name similar or including any brand, trademark, search term, callouts and CTA that Company use.

Affiliate is not allowed to register or attempt to register social media (or any platform) pages, accounts or profiles which name or content can be related or identified as Meridian intellectual property, keywords, brand names, search terms, promotion names, callouts, CTA that Company uses.


2.6. Bidding and Brand Terms

The Affiliate may not purchase, register of manipulate with keywords, search terms or other brand related names or brand related product keywords and other identifiers for use in any search engine, guest blogging, sponsored advertising services, other search and referral service or sites which are identical or similar to any of Company trademarks or otherwise include any of brand name words or any other brand belonging to Company, or any variations of the brand domain name.

While Agreement is active, Affiliate is not allowed to make any kind of advertising on any Search Engine using any of the keywords Company use for bidding or any company's brand names or product names.

The Affiliate may not use any of the branded keywords or any search terms related to Company or any of Company products in meta and title tags or metas and titles similar or identical with the ones company already has on website.

The Affiliate may not manipulate in any manner with keywords on any search engines that are related with Company brand or any company product. This applies to all websites that Affiliate owns or subdomains, portals, blogs, referral sites and similar website networks.


2.7. Approved Layouts

The Applicant must only use promo code or the link provided for the scope of the partner programme, otherwise, there can be no warranty assumed for the registration and sales accounting. The Applicant is not allowed to in any way modify or alter any link or marketing material without having prior written authorization form the Company. 


2.8. Affiliate Verification

In order to prevent any criminal and suspicious activities Company may ask Affiliate to verify his account. Affiliate herby agrees to provide any document that my help Company in verification process. Company may use any personal information provided by the Affiliate. Requested documents may include or individuals: valid copy of passport or driving licence; a copy of a utility bill no older than three months; a copy of a bank statement and/or a letter of reference from the Affiliate’s bank. Companies could be ask to deliver information’s about the identity of the owners of the company and the identity of the directors; company’s certificate of incorporation; a certificate of good standing; etc. Without the Verification an Affiliate is not deemed to be Active and is not a participant in the programme.


2.9. Honesty

You will not knowingly enjoy well-known or suspected traffic not generated in honesty whether or not or not it really causes us injury. We tend to reserve the proper to retain all amounts otherwise as a result of you beneath this Agreement if we've got reasonable cause to believe of such traffic. We reserve the proper to withhold affiliate payments and/or suspend or shut accounts wherever connected customers are found to be abusing any Company offers or promotions whether or not with or while not your data. Such things to incorporate however not be restricted to totally different customers betting each side of an occurrence or market thus on limit risk and claim bonuses.


2.10. Responsibiltiy for Your Website

You will be alone responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of your website and for all materials that appear on your site. For instance, you may be alone to blame for guaranteeing that materials denote on your website aren't harmful or otherwise embezzled. We tend to disclaim all liability for these matters. Further, you may indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses (including, while not limitation, legal fees) arising directly or indirectly out of the event, operation, maintenance, and contents of your website. The affiliate programme is meant for your direct participation. You shall not open affiliate accounts on behalf of different participants. Gap associate affiliate account for a 3rd party, brokering associate affiliate account or the transfer of associate affiliate account isn't accepted. Affiliates desire to transfer the associate account to a different useful account owner should request permission to try and do thus by Contacting us. Approval is alone at our discretion.


2.11. Licenses and Use Marks

By singing this Agreement Company grants to Affiliate a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence during the term of the Agreement. Affiliate could use Companies trade name, trade marks, logo’s and other designation solely in connection with the display of the promotional materials on your site.


2.12. Affiliation

No affiliation are often created between your website and any Company’s web site. No affiliation are often created between your website and any Company’s web site.


2.13. Confidential Information

All information, included but not limited to financial and business, price and sales information, lists of customers and buyers, and any information relating to products, operations, records, processes, business plans, product information, trade secrets, business know-how or logic, market opportunities, and personal data of the Company will be treated confidentially. This information cannot be used for own commercial or other purposes or divulged to any third party person whether direct or indirectly unless the prior and total written consent have been given by Company. This provision will survive the termination of this Agreement. The Affiliate hereby warrants and oblige himself not to use any of the confidential information for any purpose other than the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.


3. Illegal Activities

The Applicant hereby agrees:

  1. That it will not perform any kind of act which can be, obscene, discriminatory, unlawful, or in any way unsuitable. It will not display any material which contain pornographic, sexually explicit, graphic violence or any obscene material. 
  2. No person which is under the legal age of gambling may be actively targeted.
  3. No jurisdiction where gambling and the promotion of gambling is prohibited may be actively targeted.
  4. No illegal or fraudulent activities may be directed to Company’s website when generating traffic, and in particular though not limited to: 

Incorrect metatags

Sending Spam

Registering and depositing as a player or depositing either directly or indirectly to another player account through his/hers tracker or trackers for their own personal use or any use by a friend, relative, friend, employee or any other third party as a means to artificially increase them commission or in any way try to defraud the Company. This type of violation will be deemed fraud. 

  1. The website must not be presented in any way so that it may evoke a risk of confusion with the Company.
  2. Affiliates may not use the property rights, terms, and trademarks of Company unless the Company will authorize it in writing. Excluded is marketing material that may be forwarded by the Company and/or will be made available from the affiliate platform.
  3. Affiliate shall not target persons under the age of 18 with Companies content. Or 21 in countries where gambling activities are not allowed to people under page of 21.
  4. It is strongly forbidden for Affiliate to register relatives or friends as his players.
  5. Affiliate shall not create any social network's pages or profiles relates to Companies Brand


4. Referral Commission and Calculations

4.1. Referral commission

A commission will be paid as agreed by the Company to the Affiliate of the commission calculated on the net revenue that is generated from new customers that have been refereed by the Affiliate website and/or by another channel. New player will be referred as customers of the Company that have yet to sign up for a betting account with promo code or who have accessed the website using the link to company’s website. These new players must have properly registered and have made a real money transfer which is equivalent to the minimum deposit into their player account. The commission will be inclusive of value added tax or if applicable any other tax.


4.2. Referral Commission Calculations

The commission will be a percentage of the net revenue which is in accordance with the Commission structures for the particular product. Depending on the offer, Affiliate can get money both from sport betting and casino earnings. Negative carry over may apply based on Company decision. The commission will be calculated at the end of each calendar month. Before the end of the month and final calculation Affiliate can see only estimated commission.


4.3. Commission Payouts

The commission will be calculated at the end of each calendar month. Affiliate understand that commission provided in real time has only approximate value. Company will provide exact commission at the start of every month for previous month. This process may take up to 3 working days. If Affiliate does not have any comment regard the final monthly commission in period of seven working day it will be perceived that Affiliate agrees with the state of Commission and will have no further rights to make complaint


4.4. Payout Requests

Company will paid Affiliate in period of 10 working day following the end of the month in which Affiliate earned his Commission. Company will provide at least one payment for Affiliate. Affiliate accepts the Companies right to change payment method from to time, and that it is Companies sole discretion.


4.5. Minimum Payout Request

Pay-out request is only provided that the amount that is due for the specific month exceed 5,000 TSH with a minimum of 3 new depositor with game play in each subsequent month. Any payment due that is of less amount than this and the minimum sign up threshold will be carried over to the following month or when it exceeds the minimum threshold.


4.6. Revenue Share Models

Company offers two types of commission: Revenue Share model and Cost per Acquisition model.

Revenue share model offers a share of Net Revenue from 15% to 50% from all referred customers. Revenue share commission depends of total Net revenue and number of New depositors in each month.

For Cost per Acquisition model please contact Company on official mail.


4.7. Commission Payment Currency

All commissions will be calculated in Euro and exchanged into Tanzanian Shillings.


4.8. Commission Payment Complaints

If there is any disagreement regarding the balance, the Affiliate reserves the right to dispute the report within a period of maximum seven (7) working days. The Affiliate must send the dispute letter in form of email to the Company on Company mail address and include the reason for the dispute. If the Affiliate does not send the email within the prescribed time period, it will be considered as an irrevocable acknowledgment that the balance due is correct as reported.

When the Affiliate accepts the payment this will be deemed to be the final and full settlement of the stated balance due for the period that was indicated.


4.9. Commission Payment Refusal

If the traffic generated is either illegal or contravenes any of the provisions of these terms and conditions, no payments will be due.

All commissions received derived from fraudulent or falsified transactions, the Affiliate agrees to return plus all costs for any legal causes or any actions that may be brought against the Affiliate to the fullest extent of the law.

Any payments of the balance due may be delayed by the Company for up to one hundred and eighty (180) days due to investigation and verification that the relevant transactions do comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.


4.10. Negative Carryover

Negative carryover will apply. After six month of continuously promoting Company may exclude Negative Carry Over from Affiliates Reward Plan.


4.11. Paying Taxes

All taxes, fees, charges, levies, and any other money payable locally as per Tanzania Taxation laws will be withheld from the Affiliate payment.
The Affiliate will be entirely responsible for their localised tax and levy payments..


4.12. Commission Payment Correction

In the case that there is an error in the calculation of the commission, the Company reserves the full right to correct the calculation at any time and reclaim over payment or pay out under payment to the affiliate.

If affiliate reduces his efforts in promoting Brand, The Company reserves right to reduce Affiliate Commission Plan.

In case of legal changes to a market The Company reserves right to reduce Affiliate Commission Plan.


5. Termination and consequences

5.1. Termination

This agreement may be terminated at any point by either party provided that a seven (7) working days written notification has been given to the other party involved. All written notification may be submitted in an email.


5.2. Consequences

Upon termination of this Agreement the contracting parties hereby agrees:

  1. All references to Company must be removed by the Affiliate from the Affiliate's website and/or any other marketing channels and means of communication. This is irrespective whether the communications are commercial or not.
  2. The complete licenses and rights which have been granted to the Affiliate in the agreement will immediately terminate and all rights will revert to the respective licensors. The Affiliate will hereby cease the use of any trademarks, logos, service, marks, and other designations that were vested in the Company.
  3. As of the effective date of termination, the Affiliate will be entitled to earn and unpaid commissions up until that date. However, the company may withhold the affiliate's final payment within a reasonable time period to ensure that the correct amount will be paid. After the date of termination, the affiliate will not be eligible to receive or earn any commission.
  4. Should the agreement be terminated by the company on the basis of a breach by the affiliate, the company will be entitled to withhold any earned but unpaid commissions to the affiliate from the date of termination as collateral for any claim that could arise from such a breach. Furthermore, in the event of such a breach by the affiliate and the requested termination from the company due to a breach in any of the clauses in this agreement will not require a notice period. This kind of termination will have immediate effect given a simple notification by the company to the affiliate.
  5. All confidential information (and all copies or derivations thereof) that is in the Affiliate's possession or custody, the Affiliate must return to the Company.
  6. All obligations and liabilities that could occur or arise after the date of termination, the affiliate will release the Company from. With the exception of obligations that by their nature are designed to survive termination. When terminating the agreement, the Affiliate will not be relieved from any liabilities arising from any breach of the contract that occurred prior to the termination and/or to any liability that may have arisen from a breach of confidential information, even if such a breach arise following the termination of this agreement. The obligation of confidentiality from the affiliate to the Company will survive the termination of this agreement.


5.3. Future Payments

All parties of this Agreement will agree that upon termination of the agreement made by either of the parties, the Affiliate will no longer be entitled to receive any payment in any form from the Company. Provided that the payments that are already due (unpaid commissions and earned) have been paid out.


 5.4. Duplicate and Self Referrals

You shall not open quite one affiliate account without our previous written consent nor can you earn commission on your own or connected person's sports or casino account. The programme is meant for skilled web site publishers.


5.5. Unsuitable Sites

The Company may terminate the Agreement if, in its sole discretion estimates that the site is unsuitable. That counts but is not limited to: child abuse; promoting violence or discrimination based on gender, religion, race, ethnicity, disability, etc.; child pornography and other inappropriate displays of sexual relations; promotion an illegal actions of any kind; violation of copyright related rights.


6. Marketing Content

The Company is responsible for providing the Applicant with complete information and marketing material for the actual implementation of the link. 


7. Continued Promotion

You shall incorporate and conspicuously and frequently show the foremost up-to-date links provided by us on all pages of your web site during a manner and site united by us and you shall not alter the form, location or operation of the links while not our previous written consent. You're eligible for Commissions primarily based upon your continuing promotion of Sports and Casino offer at company website. We tend to reserve the proper scale back to Commission percentages if you reduce your efforts to recruit new Customers. Your reduced or suspended promotion of our sites are deemed to represent your termination of this Agreement.


8. Guarantees

Company doesn’t guaranty that in the work of Affiliate Programme or other services of our Company everything will function without any errors, and that we will bear consequences of the outcome. In case of any deviations between information on Affiliate platform and gambling site Company will make a discretionary decision about correctness of data.


9. Limitation of Liability

None of the parties involved will be held liable to the other party for any delay or failure to perform its obligations outlined in this Agreement, if such a delay or failure arise from a cause beyond reasonable control of and is not the fault of the party. This includes but is not limited to, strikes, disputes, acts of God, acts of terrorism, industrial disturbances, floods, utility or communications failures, lightning, earthquakes, or other casualties. In the case of a force, major event occur, the non performing party may be excused from whatever performance that is prevented by the force major event. Provided that, the force major event subsists for a period exceeding thirty (30) days. In that case either party may terminate the Agreement without notice.

No provision of the Terms and Conditions cannot provide any rights or benefits to the person or company who is not party to the Treaty.


10. Indemnity

The affiliate hereby agrees they will, indemnify, defend, and hold Company and its, affiliates, officers, employees, successors, directors, agents, attorneys, and shareholders, harmless and free from and against any and all liabilities and claims, including expert fees and reasonable attorney fees that is arising from or related to:

  1. Breaches of the Affiliate's warranties, representations or covenants under this Agreement.
  2. Use (or misuse) by the Affiliate of the marketing materials.
  3. All activities and conduct occurring under Affiliate's user ID and password.
  4. Any, libellous, defamatory or illegal material contained within Affiliate's information and data or Affiliate Site.
  5. Any contention or claim that Affiliate's information and data or Affiliate Site infringes any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, or other intellectual property rights or violates any third party's rights of publicity or privacy.
  6. Third party access or use of Affiliate Site or Affiliate's information and data.
  7. Any claim related to Affiliate Site.
  8. Any violation of this Agreement.


11. Territory restrictions

Affiliate agrees that he will not promote Company to the people from Restricted Territories or be involved in any traffic coming from restricted Territories. It is Affiliates duty obligation check the link regarding any changes about list of Restricted Territories. Company reserves the right to refuse any payments generate from restricted territories. Restricted territories includes all territories motioned on the following article: https://help.meridianbet.co.tz/en/category/674/page/3580


12. Relationship of the parties

None of the actions taken by any party to this agreement nor anything contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute either party (including the parties, employees, representatives, or agents) legal representative of the other party, or an employee, may create any joint venture, partnership, association, or syndication among or between the parties, nor to confer on either party any express or implied power, right, or authority to enter into any commitment, agreement or impose any obligation upon, on behalf of the other party.

Nothing contained in this Agreement will grant any of the parties any title, right or interest in the trade names, trade marks, service marks or other intellectual property rights [hereby referred to simply as 'marks'] of the other party. During or after the term, at no time will either party attempt or assist or challenge or allow others to register or challenge or to attempt to register the marks of the other party of any company within the group of companies of the other party. Neither of the parties involved will register or attempt to register any mark which is similar to and/or strikingly similar to any mark which belongs to the other party or to any company that is contained within the other party's group of companies.


13. Acknowledgement and Independent Investigation

Applicant confirms that they read and understood Terms and Conditions, and that they agreed with it. With acceptance of these terms Applicant decided to participate in program relying only on guarantees in Terms and Conditions. Company holds right to make an investigation if there is suspicion on criminal activities including money laundry, illegal activities. Company also holds right to try to stop them, or report it to authorities, independent bodies, or online providers. Accordant to investigation findings Company holds right to stop any kind of commission payment, or to alternate Nett winning of Affiliate, even to terminate contract. 


14. Miscellaneous

This agreement is in accordance with the laws of Tanzania and any dispute or action relating to this agreement must be brought in Tanzania. The Affiliate hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Tanzanian law courts irrevocably.

Each provision of this Agreement, whenever possible, will be interpreted in a manner as to be valid and effective under applicable law, but if any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal in any respect, that provision will become ineffective only to the extent of such an invalidity, or enforceability, without the invalidating the remainder of this Agreement. No waiver can be implied from conduct or failure to enforce any rights. This must be in writing in order to be effective.

The Affiliate must obtain the written consent of the Company prior to assigning this Agreement by operation law or otherwise. The Company reserves the right to assign this Agreement, by operation of the law or otherwise, without having a prior written consent of the Affiliate.

Company reserves the right to close Affiliate account or change his Reward Plan in the case of legal changes to market.

In case of the changes of the Agreement, Affiliate has the right to give a notice to Companies official. In the case that Affiliate did not provide any notice to Agreement changes in period of 7 working days it will be understand that Affiliate accept Agreement changes

This Agreement shall not constitute as a waiver of the right, should the Company fail to enforce the Affiliate to adhere to all the terms outlined in the Agreement.

The Applicant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as stated in the Gaming Board of Tanzania Sports Betting Rules and Gaming Act.