Wild Orient

Wild Orient

Wild Orient is a casino slot with the most interesting and most original solutions when it comes to slots.

Oriental motif, and the music during the game, will draw your attention, and if you let go, it will relax you, as well.

Kazino Meridian / Wild Orient

No winning steaks, just 243 combinations. Practically, all you need is to get one symbol in each reel and you will win.

Of course, there are wild symbols that can appear only in the second and third pay line, there are Scatter symbols, where at least 3 Scatters generate the Bonus Game with 15 Free Spins and triple each winning.

Kazino Meridian / Wild Orient

However, the most important novelty is the new option with slots, called Respin.

Surely, you had an experience playing slots where one proper symbol was missing in one of the reels for the full win. This slot offers the solution for that problem.

Namely, each winning line can spin separately and combined as well, you can create an ideal combination of symbols, where the price of each separate spin is stated underneath the Respin option.

This is very important when it comes to large value symbols. Be sure to calculate precisely how much the winning might be and how much each spin will cost. If the winnings are large, such as the ones in the example picture shows, with 5 bear symbols winning 10,000 points, the risk might pay off.