Before each player starts the game, it is necessary and useful to get acquainted with the 'keys' that are related to all the slot games on the site, which makes it easier and easier to navigate, much less than on 'live' devices.

The first key from left to right is View pays.

It is used to make the player work best with the 'pay' of lines on this game, to interpret the winnings, the look of the lines, and the values ​​of the symbols received during the game. View pays is an option that is something like Legends on 'live' devices, where such an explanation is above or below the screen of the device.

Autoplay is an option we use when we set up the desired bid, the number of lines, and the ratio, which runs the game and lifts the entire gamble. It stops exclusively when gaining free spins.

0, 5 +, lines I coins are labels for adjusting the ratio of the number of lines on the game and the role during the game.

Max bet is an option that allows us to play one turn at the maximum role during the game by pressing this button.

Spin is also a Start button that runs the game itself. At the start of the game, Stop appears, where the player can stop and speed the turn at any moment.

In case of gaining a certain number of points, at the places where the lines and coins are located, the Double up and collect buttons appear (for games where the gamble option is possible and exists), which allow the player to double his winnings by striking the color of the card (red-black ) Or quadrupled by the signing of a character (diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades).


This is an explanation of the 'buttons' for most of the slot games from our site. There are no 'pay' lines for individual games, so there is no 'lines' button. Some games do not have the Gamble or Double-up option, so this key does not exist in them, i.e. does not appear.