Rabbit in The Hat Online Slot

Rabbit in The Hat Online Slot

We will try to win as many points as possible, that is, get the biggest winnings from this slot using magic tricks and all Magician’s tools.

Depending on the number of symbols collected, the Magician, the Hostess as well, rabbits from the hat, magician’s bag and many other symbols related to this theme, that come in high numbers, compensate for a lower number of pay lines, 9 of them, in total.

Kazino Meridian / Rabbit in the hat

The wild symbol in the game is the magician’s hat. However, it is just one surprise that awaits us during the game.

Namely, during the spins, constantly, above all 5 reels, from the right to the left, 4 hats with rabbits will spin, having different meaning.

Free Spin hats will appear, Wild Reel as well as Cash and Random hats.

When the hat in the reel matches the wild symbol (Joker) beneath it, the game is activated, that is, the points that the hat above the reel carries are won.

Free Spins generate the Bonus Game, or 10 free spins.

The Wild Reel hat fills the entire reel underneath itself with jokers.

The Cash hat generates awards in the form of points.

The Random hat, or the hat with the question mark, randomly selects one of these bonuses.

During the free spins a large number of hats appears (image one). Also, it is possible to get new free spins during the free spin.

The second example shows it best, the Wild Reel symbol above the reel ‘matches’ with the Wild symbol in the reel and fills the reel with Jokers and wins points in the last reel.

Kazino Meridian / Rabbit in the hat

As we have said at the beginning, even though this is a game with smaller number of pay lines, it is all compensated with a larger number of symbols, a total of 13, not counting the 4 symbols that generate Bonus Games.

The animation is interesting and it will make you smile, but a good combination of Jokers will make it more serious, winning a bunch of points in one spin.