Empty Bet

Empty Bet


Empty Bet is a form of betting where a player presents an idea on forming the game the betting shop then considers and based on this idea the betting shop proposes the odds if certain conditions included in the rules and measurability are fulfilled.

If the proposed game refers to an event that is not included in the offer list and has not started yet and the game is defined by Meridian rules such bet is completely included in standard rules.

If the proposed game refers to an event that has started in the moment of pay-in such bet is included in in-play betting rules.

The betting shop can, regarding the idea of game formation by the player, propose a bet that is not included in the standard offer if the outcome of such bet can be measured and if there is a clear source of reading a trustful and definite and clear result of such a bet.

Example of Empty Bet for Football:

Real Madrid scores more than 4.5 goals on the match – odds 15.00

Auto goal on the match – odds 9.00

First goal on the match from penalty – odds 10.00

Example of Empty Bet for Basketball:

Anadolu Efes wins with 3-6 scoring difference – odds 8.00

Most points scored in the 3rd quarter – odds 3.60

Between 121-130 points on the match – odds 10.00


Always check whether your bet exists in the standard offer or in-play betting.

All bets must be precisely formulated, special care shall be taken not to use the following terms: next, future… and use ordinal numbers instead (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

If the ticket is returned with odds 1.01, this usually means the bet is not formulated well and we are asking you to re-formulate it in accordance with the Empty Bet explanation.

In most cases the operator shall return the ticket stating what should be corrected.

You can withdraw from the ticket at any time if the conditions of the bet are not satisfying to you.

The bets do not have to be connected to sports, but must be in accordance with the rules of Empty Bet.

The betting shop reserves the right to reject any bet not in accordance with predefined rules.

General terms and conditions apply.

How to bet on an Empty Bet when all conditions are fulfilled:

Step 1

Click on the Empty Bet button

Step 2

A window will open in which you can create your bet

Step 3

Enter the name of the event and the type of the bet in the window

Step 4

Click Submit and wait for a couple of moments

Step 5

A ticket will appear on which, in the Payment field, enter the amount of your payment. After click Submit

Step 6

You will receive a message on bet conditions. Click Close

Step 7

Within the Ticket field the odds will appear for the required bet. Confirm your ticket by clicking the Accept Changes!

Step 8

A ticket will open with information on the bet, payment and value. Accept odds changes and click OK.

Step 9

You will receive a message that you have successfully placed a bet on Empty Bet and that your ticket is accepted.