1x36. the goal and point of the game, the desire of every true roulette player from the moment he sits down and starts playing roulette. Hit in number, big win, and series of winnings. Titan roulette does not stand out when it comes to this segment of the game. The European way of paying out roulette winnings is a basic feature of Titan as well.

The bet in the number will bring you x36, the bet between two numbers x18, between 4 numbers x9, a dozen numbers x3, and a column also, etc...

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However, already on the first step and the first spin, you feel the difference compared to other virtual roulettes, you get the answer why more and more players opt for Online Casino and slowly forget about the "older brother", electric or live roulette.

Simplicity, functionality, and spin speed, perfect cylinder.

We will start in order...

The racetrack option is familiar to every roulette player. I think that as much as they use the board itself, the players also use the racetrack.

By activating this option, in the fastest possible way, the player who plays the big (zero), small (5/8), or Orph series, places the desired roles and activates the spin in the next moment and waits for the win.

Also, there is no less important and popular option of investing in adjacent numbers.

'2 of 2', '3 of 3', and'4 of 4' ... is a common term in roulette player vocabulary, as common as it is played.

Just choosing a chip is more than a simple process, and after a couple of spins, the player will get used to the different colors of the chips, so he won't even need the values.

There is also the option to delete all bets, as well as delete the last bets individually or restore the same bet.

Duplicating x2 is a very important feature for anyone who has played roulette at least once. There are times when a player wishes for some reason to double his entire stake. Most often, when roulette does not throw a certain series of numbers for a long time, so the break of a bad series 'rushes', but also when it enters the winning series, it feels that it is the right moment for a big win.

Here we come to the key option, and that is Start/skip, which will also introduce us and show us another basic advantage of Titan roulette, functionality, and speed of playing spin.

There are players who patiently and carefully invest their bets and arrange them on the board or racetrack.

However, there are also a large number of players who play series of numbers or adjacent numbers and constantly play in the same way and with the same stakes.

Let's take the example of a 'small series' or 5/8 player. He does not want to change the bet, the numbers on the cylinder are from 33 on the left to 27 on the right. Eventually 'defend' the series with numbers 1 and 6. There is no reason to delete anything, there is no reason to add the numbers of the second series. He does not want to wait for the outcome of the spin.

There are many players like this and the Start/skip option is perfect for them. This way, a player can play almost 60 spins in one minute, or spin in a second!

If we 'mix' all this with the 'x2' option at a given moment, it is clear how much a player who has neither the time nor the desire to use other options can turn spins and with a little luck, what a gain to make in a very short time interval.

The last in a series of advantages of Titan roulette is the one that roulette manufacturers often pay the least attention to, and it is extremely important for every roulette player, it is the appearance and functionality of the cylinder itself, the weight of the ball inside it.

The most common objections of players to any roulette are that the ball bounces too much, comes out of the numbers, makes unnatural falls, at a certain moment jumps out of the number that is the richest in chips.

With Titan, such situations are kept to a minimum. The cylinder is deep, the ball is heavy, the diamonds are arranged correctly, even the sound made you get the impression that you are in a real casino, where an ivory ball turns on a wooden part and then falls into the desired number.

Players love the moment when the moment ball starts to fall, they can briefly feel and sense which sector of the numbers will fall, and that feeling on Titan has been brought to perfection.

Take the example of a player playing a Zero series of numbers, which contains numbers grouped around zero and which is characteristically green.

 The moment the ball starts to fall and if it catches a diamond and goes down to the numbers around zero, the player can sense a win, and that feeling is unrepeatable and well known only to real roulette players.

Titan roulette players will often come into situations like this.

The finesse, like adjusting the sound, music, language ... is maximally simplified and equally accessible. A short guide for all those who encounter this type of roulette for the first time, too.

You will never come across sensational newspapers when it comes to new roulettes. Simply put, Roulette is roulette.

However, if you want all the finesse in one place, if you have the little requirements that every roulette player has if you pay attention to detail, Titan Roulette is packed.