Evoji is a game that can be classified into turn-based strategies. The player determines at any time which role he will play, but at each moment he also determines when he will stop, i.e. Cache the started game and start with a new one if at least one goal is scored. It is played on a board the size of 15 fields.

There are a total of 5 hidden objects on the board that the player is trying to find. There are 3 attempts to find each item. After the first found item, he has the opportunity to stop further play at any moment and withdraw the money he currently has to his account.

If he does not withdraw money but continues the game and finds all 5 items on the board, he goes to the next level, the next level where there are 5 hidden items again and each next level is designed differently.

When he crosses the level, the player wins a bonus in the amount of a percentage of the money won so far. The difference between the other levels with the first is that the player has the opportunity to withdraw half of the money won so far from the game and continue the game with half.

The player can do this after each new object is discovered. If a player finds all the items of the second level, he goes to the third, he gets the bonus again, if he passes the third level he gets the next bonus, and if he discovers all the items on the fourth level he gets a special prize.

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The game begins with the player choosing how much money he will enter the game with, that is, the bet per game played. When a player chooses his bet, he starts playing. On the board, the player always sees the amount of stakes, the current situation in the game, and how much the next goal brings him.

The total balance is the balance on the player's main account and it changes only when the player starts the game or when he withdraws money, i.e. ends the game. In the field for the 'next goal', the player sees how much he will be offered to cash if he finds the desired object in the first next opening of the field.

If he opens the first field and misses, the player's stake remains the same, as does the total account balance, but the player now has two more lives and can only open the next field.

If he guesses he has one item found, the number of lives remains three, and he gets the Cash Out option, where the player can pay out the winnings and the game starts from scratch. The Cash Out button is not active until the first item is found and then it is constantly active.

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If a player misses three times in a row he loses everything and the game returns to the beginning and if he wants to play again, the player is given the default stake he had in the previous one which he can change before each game played. Level bonuses, as well as rewards for hit and found items, increase with levels.