Meridian exclusively presents the most popular poker game in the world Texas Hold'em Poker!

From now on, you have the opportunity to compete with two other players from all over the world and earn a lot of money! Unlike standard poker, you can win over € 50,000 in just one hand!


It is played according to a 3-player tournament system, the "buy-in" is fixed at € 10, € 5, € 2 or € 0.20, depending on which poker you choose (Hold'em Poker, Hold'em Poker 2, Hold'em Poker 3 and Lucky Showdown Hold'em Poker), the winner carries everything, and the prize pool is determined by spinning a fortune that can range in value from € 0.40 to over € 50,000!

When all three players have entered the game and sat down at the table, the wheel of fortune will spin and show the reward for which the players will fight.

It is possible to exit the game before the wheel spins and the prizes are determined by clicking on the three-line icon and selecting exit. In that case, your bet will be refunded immediately. If you exit the game in any other way, or after the wheel turns - the game will not read your exit and your bet will remain on the table.